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Water Heaters in Fort Myers & Bonita Springs

Nothing is worse than cold showers.

It’s not hard to forget how much we rely on our water heaters until the faucet starts to run cold. Then it’s time to replace or repair your water heater, and CAM Plumbing can help! The average lifespan of a water heater here in Southwest Florida averages around 8-10 years before they start to degrade. In those cases, a licensed plumber at CAM Plumbing can offer a free consultation to learn about your hot water needs to provide a solution that’s best for you.

We service and install water heaters in Fort Myers & Bonita Springs with the expertise that only a licensed and experienced plumber can provide. At CAM Plumbing, part of our mission is to share that knowledge to help you make the best decision for your plumbing situation.

Water Heater Installation

When it’s time to choose the type of water heater you need, we can answer all of your questions and guide you in making a decision. We stand behind our installation with a satisfaction guarantee.

Water Heater Maintenence

Whether you need emergency service or expected maintenance, we’ll lay out a plan during our free consultation. Keep your current water heater working for longer with our maintenance agreement!

Tank-Based Water Heaters

Tank water heaters are a popular and affordable choice for most homeowners in Southwest Florida. They benefit from a low initial cost and the convenience of an insulated tank that keeps hot water ready and available. However, their benefits also come with a downside. Because of the pressurized tank, these heaters consume more energy by relieving internal pressure at 150 PSI, or 210° F, thus driving up your energy bill. They also require more maintenance in order to keep them running properly.

With our maintenance plan, we:

Provide routine maintenance

Drain and replace tank water every 3 months

Extend the life of your tank heater

Tankless Water Heaters

Although less common, tankless water heaters are growing more popular in the area. They’re an efficient and eco-friendly option that uses coils to provide instant heat. Because they don’t use a tank to store water, a tankless system is customizable for your home’s size and family’s needs. For example, if your family is fighting to shower first, a tankless heater comes in handy to provide steady heat for every shower. That also means that when nobody needs hot water, the system is on stand-by, lowering your energy bill and consumption. While they come with a higher installation price, they require less maintenance than tank heaters at once per year.

Ready to discuss your options with a licensed plumber? Call CAM Plumbing of Southwest Florida today!